what parents from art and yoga are saying:

I meant to write you last week after Fiona’s first class. We moved here from northern California late this summer and it’s been a very hard transition. Fiona was struggling in school a bit at making friends and finding her groove. When I picked her up last week she was glowing and bouncing. She has NEVER been this happy before. You and your class really brought out so much of her Spirit that I’ve been missing. I wanted to thank you for that.

She had to come home yesterday morning because of a low-grade fever. (She doesn’t have one today but school policy requires her to stay home)

She has been crying and soooo upset at missing today’s class. She is deeply sad and wonders if you could save the art project for her. I promised her I would write you (she’s been begging to go just to your class today.) It’s heartbreaking how upset she is but it’s also a testament to you and your offerings. THANK YOU for doing what you do.

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